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Live Escape Games

outstanding locations Explore two of our

NERD Escape Room Raleigh

Can you solve every puzzle, open every lock, and uncover every hidden secret in 60 minutes?

At NERD Escape Room Raleigh, our puzzles are one of a kind, our challenges are designed and built in-house, our scenarios are unique, and our quality is unmatched. You won’t find rooms like ours anywhere else! So whether it’s your first escape room, or you’re a seasoned escape artist, there’s something new and fun here for you!


We have four completely unique rooms. With original stories, one of a kind puzzles, and varying difficulty levels, you’ll be able to pick the perfect room for your group!


You’re racing against the clock. Your team will have to work together, and everyone will need to put their skills to the test to escape in time!


Everything you see in our rooms is a part of the puzzle. Everything! You will have to think outside the box, analyze every little detail, and leave no stone unturned. It won’t be easy


Come and get unlocked together with your friends or family

Friends & Families

Celebrate a birthday or event, or just come by for a day of fun with the people you love! No matter who’s on your team, this will bring you closer together. So ditch the movies and try something new!


Play how the locals play! We’re located in the heart of Raleigh, right next to some fantastic dining choices, so take a break from sight seeing and make us a part of your day out!


Attention gamers! Pokemon go! get over here and solve these puzzles! Grab your friends, put down the calcified glob of G-Fuel you’ve been suckling on, and tell your body pillow to not wait up, because here at NERD, we’ve got all the irl excitement you need! Bathwater sold separately.


Our escape rooms make for an excellent team building exercise or corporate outing. We can accommodate groups of all sizes, so whether your team is just a few people, or a few dozens, book your next event with us.


60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

Choose one of seven exciting adventures


Answers to common questions below...

Will there be anyone else in the room with us?

No, all bookings are private! When you make a reservation, no one else will be able to reserve that room.

What if I want to add friends last minute?

Because bookings are private, if your final total ends up higher than you initially realized, that’s okay! As long as you do not exceed a room’s max size (you can see max capacity when booking the room), we will be able to add your friends on the spot. If you need to add additional people on arrival, we strongly encourage you to arrive early so we can take care of the new players and not eat into your reservation time.

How much does it cost?

Our buildings have two different prices. Nerd Yellow is $30/per person. Nerd Red is $35/per person. Tickets are for any player ages eight (8) and up. Children seven (7) and under play free.

What ages can play?

All ages enjoy our rooms, we see kids to grandparents play all the time! Players eight (8) and up are required to pay for a ticket, and we require kids thirteen (13) and under be accompanied by an adult.

When should I arrive?

Fifteen (15) minutes before your booking time! Arriving late might mean we are unable to give you your full hour, as we want to honor the time of our other escapists excited to play.

I would like to book a private event/multiple rooms at once, can you accommodate me?

We would love to! Send us an email at with your expected total players, the date/time(s) you are interested in playing, and your preferred contact information. If your total player count exceeds twenty-five (25), ask about our group rate!

Do you accept walk-ins?

While we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, we cannot guarantee we will have availability or the room you prefer. The best way to play is reserving a room via this website to ensure we have availability.

Where should I park?

We offer free two (2) hour parking to customers if you pull up any of our driveways (There are driveways on either side of the Nerd Yellow Building, and one behind the Nerd Red Building). Spacing can be limited, so make sure to accommodate the potential of needing to find an alternate lot on weekends.

Are the rooms scary?

No. Specific rooms (such as Dracula) may have themes or situations that are spooky, but we never try to jumpscare or startle you in any room.

Should I play drunk or high?

In a word… no! You will need your mind sharp and nimble to figure out our rooms!

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